Aquatica Expansion Plan Rumour for SeaWorld’s Water Park

Aquatica's current layout Will increase by over two thirds!

Aquatica’s current layout Will increase by over two thirds!

Sept 30th 2013 Update Aquatica have reportedly dropped the name “Taruka Rush” according to Screamscape.  Perhaps they saw our comment at the foot of the page about animal rights!

Sept 7th 2013 Update it looks as though the new Aquatica attraction is going to be very tall indeed!  Reports are flying around that Aquatica staff have been informed that a new slide will reach 105ft.
Although the slide is somewhat shorter than the 60mph Summit Plummet body slide at Disney’s Blizzard Beach (which is 120ft tall), it still claims using the hashtag #NothingTaller to be the ‘tallest of its kind’ in Orlando.
As the Summit Plummet is a body slide, our amazing powers of deduction make this out to be either a tube ride or family raft ride.
Looking at the evidence so far, whether it’s a tube ride or raft ride is as much as anyone’s guess.

According to the very reliable Screamscape site, Aquatica looks set to be planning a phased expansion over the coming years that will probably make the SeaWorld water park as the largest in Orlando.

The first stage of the park’s development is a brand new ride to be located by the Omaka Rocka attraction and the existing wave pools.  The twin drop ride isn’t clearly defined as yet, but Screamscape think that it may combine some sort of Family raft ride with a tropical reef ‘ride through’ clear tube section before winding around a lazy river/rapids circuit to the exit area.

The rumoured name?  Screamscape go on to mention that SeaWorld registered the name “Taruka Rush” as recently as 2012, sounds like it fits in nicely with the current naming conventions throughout Aquatica!

More interestingly, this new attraction is only one part of a much larger patch of land to the southern end of the water park that looks earmarked for development.
That, however may take some years to come to realisation, but SeaWorld have made a really good job of the water parks of late and this may signify an area of growth that may well change the business direction away from animal interactions that have traditionally been the staple of SeaWorld’s amazing marine parks.

We will look out for more clues and news, but right now, that’s as much as we have on this exciting new Aquatica attraction rumour!

(Taruka is a Nepalise agricultural Village that borders a wide river bank however, the region is also known for its annual bull fight which might not sit too well with animal rights campaigners!)