apple-watch-21Unless you’ve avoided all media over the past 24 hours, and you’ve bundled your tech crazed teens out of harm’s way just like Harry Potter under the stairs, you will be well aware that Apple have announced its new iPhone 6 (and 6+) and the Watch to go with it all.

The biggest news for most Apple fans that visit Orlando, is that if you start sleeping outside the Apple stores early enough, you could be one of the very first guests to head into Walt Disney World and buy a pair of cute Mickey Ears with nothing much more than a command on your much larger and notably more expensive iPhone 6.

Disney will be early adopters of Apple Pay, a system that uses magical RFID trickery to connect your stored credit card details to those adorable Disney retail point tills.
The announcement came from Apple rather than Disney, so we will closely watch press releases to see what WDW have to say!

What iPhones have lacked over the last few years is a new or innovative feature that original iPhones always seemed to sell on the back of.
This time though, the iPhone 6 is really playing hard upon the business connections and e-commerce skills that Apple have developed in recent years.
Their App Store and iTunes services are flawlessly Good, and have created a level of trust that few other Global businesses have managed to secure.
Being able to pay for goods without showing names, account info or letting the waitress take your debit card out the back, is bound to be a boost to security.

Whether Apple’s experience in dealing with billions of transactions is enough to create a secure and safe place to do business with a portable, lose-able, steal-able, highly valuable piece of hi-techery, remains to be seen.
The first time the system gets hacked, or an account gets emptied, or crime trends change because of a ‘telephone’, things may turn really Bad, very quickly for Apple and its partners such as Disney.

The new devices are, as you’d expect Beautiful.  Apple do that so well.

So, when you are next in Walt Disney World, be prepared for early adopters, rich kids, and annoying show offs, calling out loudly;

“Do You Accept APPLE PAY here?”

WARNING: Watch these Apple Videos only if you are prepared to spend!!