We thought that the removal of the old Fastpass ticket machines last year and the arrival of the My Disney Experience App, would kill off those Disney Fastpass cards forever more!

How wrong we all were!

Amazingly, despite spending a rumoured $1.5bn on Magicbands, Disney have revived paper tickets with the old ‘Fastpass style’ return times.
First up, as we reported last month, Anna & Elsa’s character greet is now bookable via the online App, and also by grabbing a return time ticket if you are lucky enough to get into the parks early enough!

Now though, the ever popular ‘Be Our Guest Restaurant‘ in the Magic Kingdom, is also trialling a similar type of arrangement for lunch time guests.
Fastpass+ reservations can still be made in advance through the My Disney Experience App, but guests arriving on the day, can also grab hold of a limited supply of ‘return time tickets’ for the same day.  Once they are gone, they are gone, and no further stand by guests will be accepted in the line.


Why are Disney using these paper tickets after spending so much cash on MyMagic+?

Our guess is that they definitely don’t want to stick with this ‘old style’ Fastpass type of arrangement, but it works well as a trial.
When testing new reservations, we can expect to see more and more paper style trials as an easy way for Disney to work out what works and doesn’t work in the parks.  Once they’ve  worked out the best methods, they will no doubt pass their data over to the very costly My Magic+ team to make the changes in the Apps and Websites to allow an online version to take over the job.

Editor Note;
When Disney named the restaurant ‘Be Our Guest’, it probably didn’t occur to them that most visitors just simply can’t get into to this rather ironically named dining spot in New Fantasyland!