Annual Pass Entrance Sign WDW

Walt Disney World’s Annual Pass holders received a special benefit over the 2016/2017 Christmas and New Year holidays.
Guests with the pricey passes can now virtually walk right into the park without a line wait, thanks to two dedicated RFID gates located in front of the left hand tunnel way at the Magic Kingdom.
All four Walt Disney World Parks will offer the ‘fast access’ gates over the coming holidays as a move to ease congestion at the gates.
So far, the gates are only scheduled to be in operation until the end of January, but, if successful, we might see them as a permanent fixture.
Annual Pass holders can benefit from many benefits, including free parking, discounted merchandize and dining.
Walt Disney World’s latest move does seem to indicate that a conscious effort to promote the annual pass program is on the horizon.

Are annual passes and benefits worth it?

For our family of 5, it’s one of the essentials.
The WDW Platinum Pass Plus is an eye watering $729 per family member, but in reality, the value in return is exceptional.   Naturally, as Florida residents, we get plenty of opportunity to make the most of it.
For regular vacationers, we’d also suggest that you work out the numbers for an annual pass.  An annual pass really kicks in savings when 2 or more ‘reasonable’ visits a year are made to Walt Disney World.
Free parking makes a significant argument for the investment, but don’t forget those 20% dining and merchandise discounts too!

For more info on the Walt Disney World Annual passes, please visit the official website!

Annual Pass Gate WDW