If you were hoping to catch a glimpse of this summer’s special Lion King VIP dinner show, we must sadly advise you that you won’t be able to make it!

With the remaining dates of July 26th and August 2nd and 9th still to run, Disney have announced today that all tickets are fully sold out for the special live Concert held in the new Harambe Theatre.

The show had been a beautiful bonus event this year as the Lion King movie celebrated 20 years since first release on June 15th.

Generally speaking, this premium hard ticket event has been very well received by guests.
Some occasional complaints about food, but to be fair, the menu items totally exceeded most guest’s expectations in terms of flair and quality.

The main concert and the after show street party was tremendously well produced and we are definitely left wondering if Disney went to so much effort in the hopes that this will become a regular seasonal fixture in the special events calendar, if not a permanent show.

One thing’s for sure, being able to stay in the Animal Kingdom park well into the evening is a fabulous prospect for Disney fans looking for something extra special.

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