Kilimanjaro Safaris proved too much for The Animal Kingdom Zebras!


Expect to see less of this!

Expect to see less of this!

Like a scene from Madagascar, the newly introduced Zebra(s) are believed to have been ‘a little troublesome’.  According to WDW News Today, insiders reported that after only 4 months, the new guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom; blocked vehicle routes, bit each other and attacked the safari busses!
With that very ‘un-Disney like behaviour’ the Zebras were moved out of Kilimanjaro Safaris.

(Perhaps just in time before they teamed up with those truck driving penguins for a ‘bust out’ into the parking lot!)

No word has been released about the whereabouts of the nibbling African Equids, but rest assured, thanks to Walt Disney World’s incredible marketing conscience, those animals will be the most pampered Zebra in the world!

In the meantime, Disney are expected to replace the Zebra with Addax, those long horned kind of Antelopes seen at various points around the safari.

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