The latest Animal Kingdom Rumours hint to a new fountain and light show as a possible solution to the Animal Kingdom’s lack of evening show.
According to the very well informed team at Screamscape, one idea right now is to develop an Animal friendly fountain show over in the Animal Kingdom.

Fireworks at this park are out of the question due to the ever present risk of disturbing the animals in their habitats, making a water show, a distinct possibility.

Epcot’s Fountain of Nations offers a hint of what can be done at the lower end of the scale, and Hollywood Studios Fantasmic goes to a whole new level in the world of aqua/audio/lighting shows.

The appeal of a great evening show will encourage guests to stay longer and later at the park, and will also open up special events in an evening.  Currently, the park shuts at around 5 or 6pm throughout the year, with odd exceptions during Christmas Holidays and peak seasons.

In order to make a water show work, Disney would probably need to pull out all of the stops and create something really special, to capture the imaginations of park guests.
With that in mind, we can expect something on a large scale, and although we are guessing right now, it could be something on the scale of Fantasmic to achieve the cult following and intrigue that Disney create so well.

There’s lots of large unused parcels of wooded around Disney’s Animal Kingdom but the best location might be between Expedition Everest and the Finding Nemo the Musical theatre.

An alternative site could be found over at the Camp Minnie Mickey area, which is currently earmarked for the new Avatar development.  Our guess is that Disney would wish to spread the traffic around the park and keep any new fountain show and Avatar well apart.

Will Disney’s Animal Kingdom go ahead with a new Water Fountain Show?

If Disney want to ensure that Animal Kingdom competes well against the ever expanding Universal parks, they will have to not only invest, but invest very creatively in WDW.
Done in the right way, a World of Color style show (Disneyland) would be a popular spectacle.

As Screamscape suggests, this is out there as a speculation right now, but one that makes a whole lot of sense for Disney.
The show also offers a quieter version of the very popular Fantasmic, which for many very young kids is way too noisy!  Animal Kingdom’s development of a family evening show would also fit in well with previous rumours that Fantasmic might actually turn into a Star Wars themed light/pyro/water/audio show.

Ah, the dreams!  But for now, that’s all they are at the moment!



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