UPDATE Aug 26th 2014
Disney have confirmed that American Idol Experience will close on August 30th 2014 to make way for a Frozen Sing Along, but have also confirmed that the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular will not be closing as rumoured by Jeff Kober.
(The Indiana situation is interesting, as many WDW fans who love the show, do appear to concede that it is in fact time for a change, with Star Wars Land being a favorite alternative).  
For now, though, make the most of the American Idol Experience and perhaps consider that although it looks set to survive 2015, Indiana may still not be around forever!

It’s been around for around 5 years now, but Disney’s Hollywood Studios looks poised to close the doors of the American Idol Experience some time in January 2015.
A hugely popular show at its peak, the Fox show ratings are beginning to decline, and reports indicate that enlisting park participants is proving ever more difficult.
The American Idol Experience will be a sad miss for us if those rumours are true.
Whether you love or loath the attraction, there’s one thing certain, that it is well presented and offers a very unique entertainment option.   Rather like Elton John’s music, you may not like the style, but there’s no denying the quality.

So if you really do like the prospect of watching real live park guests, getting up on stage and performing live in front of a voting audience, we highly recommend heading to Disney’s Hollywood Studios sooner rather than later.
American Idol Experience incidentally produced over 2000 Dream Tickets, which allowed the theme park show winners to go straight to the front of the line of the actual TV show auditions.

Right now, there’s no indication of what will actually replace it, but options could of course include adding a Frozen themed show to one of the parks.
We did read recently that DIsney were auditioning for singing Cast members for special events.
A full show would be a good move if Disney take the movie’s popularity and add Frozen themed entertainment into the parks as soon as possible.
Most likely though, Star Wars would fit in very well in this area as Disney try to work out how to make the best use of their newly bought franchise for the movies.
If we were to bet a Mickey Premium, we’d put it on a Star Wars theme heading into the American Idol studio (and also the highly underused Sounds Dangerous space).

Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular to close too?

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular Hollywood Studios
We’ve also read that the popular but very elderly Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular show may also be closing around the same time.  If true, this further indicates that a Star Wars theme is heading to the Eastern side of Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios very soon.
Note, that although this is a rumour, the source; Jeff Kober is very knowledgable and often reliable.  At this point in time, we are definitely considering this as a real possibility, so make the most of your time in Hollywood Studios this year if you love these two attractions.

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