Is it Possible to do All of the Disney rides in a Day at WDW?

To answer that question, you’d really need to know two basic things about your potential challenge:
How long have you got and how many rides are there to complete!

For sure there are many more concerns that need answering, such as getting around the parks, getting between the parks and of course, have you missed any out?

The number of Rides at WDW = 47

We ourselves believe that each of the Disney Parks have the following rides:

  • 23 Magic Kingdom
  • 10 Epcot
  • 8   Animal Kingdom
  • 6   Hollywood Studios

That’s a whopping total of 47 rides that we recognise as rides in our Orlando Guide.

The Max number of Hours that WDW is open (using Extra Magic Hours) = 15

With 15 hours from start to finish, and 47 rides to complete,you’ve got an average of 18.3  minutes per ride.
Those precious 18 minutes are all you’ve got to get to the ride, get on it, do the ride and get back off.

Problems that can ruin your day!

  • If the line waits are anything over 5 minutes you are almost guaranteed to fail.
  • If there’s a storm, the rides will shut
  • If traffic stops you getting into the parks you will lose time
  • If the tram stop area is crowded you will have to wait the next tram
  • If an attraction is shut for maintenance you will fail before you start!


A serious Attempt by Parkeology made 45 rides on June 16th 2013

If you want to see a great video of two friends (Shane Lindsay and Ted Tamburo) achieving their life long ambition to hit all of the rides, check out this amazing link to a project they called WDW47.
As you will see, their tremendous planning, quick dashes between rides and a lot of good luck, still didn’t compensate for stubborn rhinos and Orlando storms!

We wouldn’t advise trying to dash around the parks like this, but it is a great example of the many ways that people enjoy the Magic of Disney!

Editor’s Note: Something that is truly amazing about the two guys that attempted the WDW47 challenge, is that their 18 years of friendship that lead up to this amazing day in June of 2013 was actually born entirely from an AOL chatroom.  Over those years, their friendship grew as they both enthused about their ultimate goal to conquer the parks, but not until just before their own ‘Disney Marathon’, did they ever  meet up face to face or talk over the telephone!  A true Cyber Friendship, that would have fascinated the forward thinking Walt Disney!