Seaworld Shamu Nalani Malia

Ok, as Editor of totalorlando I have not seen active duty beyond the terrors of the ‘school run’.
I was however, born in a military hospital and brought up by serving parents.
So in a ‘second hand’ kind of way, I understand how important it feels to be appreciated when you are, or have been in military service.

Whenever I sit in the Shamu Stadium and the announcer calls out for past, present, US and Allied service personnel to stand up to be applauded, I can’t deny feeling a little emotional.

As you can imagine, the latest SeaWorld/Busch offer of 50% off a day pass for service personnel and their family members is a pleasure to write about!
If you are a service member, don’t miss out.  Hurry and buy your tickets before Nov 11th and use them prior to Dec 20th 2013.

If you are not a serving member of the forces, but you will be in the Shamu Stadium over that period, do please show some extra support.
Perhaps even throw in an extra few claps, or louder & extra cheers for good measure.
You will make someone’s day that extra special!