Our Quick Disney Ticket Price Comparison – No cheap deals online!

Magic Your WayIf you are after a great deal online, be prepared for a huge shock when it comes to buying theme park tickets.  As a quick example, we looked up the best Disney ticket prices on the UK’s leading ticket sites, travel companies and of course Disney’s own website (Vendor A) to see who came out best.
We were expecting a tight race, and we were of course right, but never for one moment expected some of the vastly inflated prices that many of the ‘cheap’ discount places were charging for Britain’s favourite Disney World ticket!
(USA price table to come soon, but initial checks reveal a similar story, the deals simply aren’t great!)
14 Day Ultimate Pass Tickets from UK Vendors – Updated Aug 2013
£ Adult £ Child Additonal Benefits 
Vendor G 252 232 £5 online discount
Disney A 255 235 E-tickets (extra £5 each for real tickets)
Vendor B 257 237 None
Vendor C 257 237 None
Vendor D 265 245 None
Vendor E 279 255 None
Vendor F 295 269.50 None
(We decided to keep the vendors anonymous in order to maintain our independence for this important article, we do not have any commercial involvement with any ticket vendors)
UK Discount Disney Ticket Price Comparison – Conclusion
The data is rather chilling to be honest. Firstly and rather unexpectedly, Disney were almost the cheapest!
More worryingly though, many of the much lauded vendors that is often praised on forums appeared to have raised prices well above the Disney prices.  Not our idea of a discount at all!
One vendor that did previously offer a very good incentive of a free LEGOLAND ticket has since withdrawn that offer.
Please, bear in mind that some vendors, such as Disney International, sell e-tickets, which need to be converted into real tickets once you get to Walt Disney World.  They can send real tickets, for an extra £5.

Why it pays to go to a reputable independent ticket vendor!

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