Pool Deck

An early morning breakfast on your luxury villa’s lanai can lifetime of magic moments for those that make every moment of their vacation time.

As the sun breaks over Kissimmee sky to the East, the delightful birdsong at Reunion belnds into my peaceful thoughts.
The stunning dew covered fairways glisten in the morning light as a Sandhill Crane swoops down silently to the water’s edge.
A ‘peep’ from the waterfowl over the small lake beside the 14th fairway of the Nicklaus course fills the permanently warm summer air.

Today, was like most; clear skies and a beautiful still air.
Perfect weather for hot air ballooning as I admire the almost still, giant sized shapes that flowed into view over the sleepy homes of Muirfield Loop.
I sipped coffee in admiration.

Aloft, just a few hundred feet in the air, the stifled voices of the balloonists were to be heard, as they chattered with a respectfully low level volume.
Then, another balloon, then another, and another, glided effortlessly into view.
Majestic, lumbering and yet graceful, the balloons added lots of scale, color and beauty to an already impressive vista!

As the birds carried on feeding, unaware of the breeze borne aircraft, golf course staff vehicles slowly appeared one by one, as the greens were swept clear of the evening’s moisture.

IMG_0580The first golfers had been on the course since dawn and were steadily making their way around the 18 stunning holes of the parkland ‘Tradition’ PGA course.
But it would not be until another hour that I would see them pass our pool deck, skilfully placing a ball onto the tiny green. Anywhere but that water hazard will do, from personal experience. (It’s a deceptively challenging hole).

Around 7am, the first kid of 3 awakes; always the same one, (whether we are at home or on vacation!).  We shared chocolate croissants and OJ by the pool as we watch the balloons sail by for our early morning magic moment of the day.   Priceless.

As the others awake, some with frizzy hair from the humidity, our day as a family on vacation begins in earnest. Showers, hair dryers, and the unforgettable scent of sunscreen!
That sweet fragrance is unmistakeable and also unforgettable for a dream vacation.
It’s surely up there with a summer chart sound, when it comes to precious vacation/holiday memories!

As our team gets ready to head to the rental car, there’s a family meeting (without me) as the kids and mom decide where we will have fun today. ‘Epcot, please let it be Epcot I mutter to myself.’
So as we head past Reunion’s gatehouse and head onto Sinclair Rd, we are just under 10 minutes away from our chosen destination; The Magic Kingdom.
I’m not too disappointed to be honest, it’s a good second best!

As we imagined, the busy holiday crowds were giving 45 minute line waits, so we decided to hit all of our favorite attractions, plus a few fastpass+ rides then head back to the water park at Reunion Resort for a cool off and a mid afternoon lunch.

The beauty of Reunion is that it’s always peaceful.
After picking up our swimgear, we headed to the gorgeous 5 acre water park over on Reunion’s west side and ordered our lunch from Longboards.
Time to cool off while the poolside food is being prepared with a lap or two of the lazy river.
Nothing goes so well with that Florida sunshine as a a chlorine free dip in the beautifully kept water at Reunion. No sore eyes here for anyone.

As lunch gets delivered to our sun loungers, we had some time to chat about the day’s adventures and plan ahead for the next day.
Wherever you dine at Reunion, whether it’s the upscale Eleven restaurant, the Forte Bistro, the amazing clubhouse with its family friendly menu and sumptuous specials for adults, or the Lobby Sushi bar, the food is always first class.

untitled-0400The zest for quality, also reaches to the poolside food service at the water park.
Even though the menu is good old American favorites, such as pizza, burgers, hot dogs, salads and chicken tenders, the quality is simply a cut above anywhere else at all.
This is quality food, not junk food.

While the kids play on the water slide I drift around the lazy river in my tube, on full alert for invading kids trying to track me down for an extended stay under the water fall!
This is what Reunion is all about. Quality. Quality Food. Quality Family Time!

After a lovely Mojito and a kids’ cocktail or two, we head back to our luxury villa and chill out by the pool and talk about stuff that we never find chance to do back home.
The great thing about a great family vacation, is after all, the family.

After a shower and change of clothing, I head through the sleepy resort with my little 9 year old early bird helper for some grocery shopping.
She would never come shopping with me back home, but here, everyone seems to enjoy the fun of being together. No wonder it’s called Reunion!

Armed with bags of fresh produce from the local Publix store, plus a few beers, we are all set for an evening of BBQ bliss courtesy of our young chefs for the day.
Food never tasted so good as it did from that BBQ that vacation!

Take a look at the beautiful 5 bedroom home that we stayed in at Reunion Resort Orlando.
Best of all, it’s just 12 minutes away from Walt Disney World!