As the exchange rate crashes to around $1.50 to the £1, Brits can be forgiven for delaying their next Orlando vacation until more promising tourist rates emerge!

Desperate to get your bookings right now, Disney have thrown some great deals on the table to try and tempt you to book your 2014 holiday in the sun.

Disney’s July 1st offer in more detail

  • Book your 2014 trip before July 1st 2013
  • Free Quick Service Dining Plan for guests staying in Moderate Hotels
  • Free Disney Dining Plan for guests staying in Deluxe Hotels or Villas
  • $200 Gift Card
  • 14 Day Ultimate Park Ticket for the price of a 7 Day Ultimate Ticket

Our View about the UK Deal for 2014 Disney Guests!

The savings are genuinely interesting to UK visitors who are being battered by awful exchange rates right now.  In real terms, vacations are costing around 25% more thanks to the shift down to the $1.50 levels that are available right now.
(The exchange rates had already lopped off almost a quarter of the numbers of Brits travelling to Orlando as levels previously dropped to the 1.65 area!)

The Quick Service Dining Plan savings equate to around $38/nt for an adult and $14/nt for kids.  (over a 14 day period a total saving of $1456 for two adults and two kids)

The Standard Dining Plan savings equates to around $55/nt per adult and $17/nt for kids.  (over a 14 day period a total saving of $2016 for two adults and two kids)

The 14 Day Ticket is nice, but the cost difference between the 7 Day option (£248 Adult/£228 Child) and the 14 Day option (£280 Adult/£260 Child) isn’t massively important to be honest.

The new deal menas that you can head to Orlando for around £1200pp in a Moderate Hotel, including flights, park tickets, dining and rooms.

An alternative way to save money in Orlando!

If you want to save even more money for your next Orlando vacation, you can save a huge amount by taking flights only and finding your own luxury Orlando vacation home.
From our own experience, a great vacation home near Disney can work out at less than $20 per person per night.  Not only offering higher levels of comfort and luxury, but often a private pool too!

With the advantage of not being tied to a particular resort through dining plans, the once tempting 2014 Disney Deals for UK Visitors might seem a little restrictive to guests that like to visit all of Orlando’s many parks including Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Islands of Adventure!