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Tinkerbell is adorable, but she and other irresistible gifts can easily make you run over budget!

The great news, is that Orlando is a very forgiving destination.
The region is blessed with a tourism industry that is geared for every eventuality, and whatever could go wrong, has been rehearsed time and time again by those that can assist you.
Being prepared is by far the best route to a successful vacation and we’ve put a list of top 10 things to help you keep in control of your next Orlando vacation!

  1. Don’t forget insurance!
    Always take out good travel insurance for your family.
    It may seem an unnecessary expense but it will take care of you well in the event of a mishap or illness.
  2. Don’t just leave your original documents in your hotel room night stand!
    Keep photo copies of key documents on you and in your accommodation.
    Take backup photos of documents.
    Although a photo of a passport won’t help you travel, it can help you if you run into any issues with lost originals etc.
    Always use the room safe or hotel safe for those key documents.
  3. Don’t take your eyes off your kids!
    One of the joys of Orlando is that it’s an exciting place to be.
    That can lead to distracted parents, and kids with wandering minds, eyes, hands and feet!
    Always be clear as to which adult is on ‘watch’ with each kid.
    So may kids leave ‘eye sight’ because parents thought someone else was watching them.
    Read More About Keeping Kids Safe In The Parks!
  4. Getting burned means misery!
    We’ve all had a touch of sun burn, but Florida’s rays are much more intense than most other regions.
    A few hours of overexposure can result in days of agony stuck in the shade of a hotel room.
    Not cool, not what you paid for!
    Always go a few levels of factor ‘up’ on a normal vacation.
    Factor 30 is a minimum for kids and it needs applying very regularly to avoid burns.
  5. Don’t dehydrate!
    The heat and excitement will fry you if you don’t keep plenty of liquids on board.
    Dehydration makes you irritable, restless and exhausted.
    Watch out for symptoms in kids!
    Give them water rather than soda/fizzy drinks.
    Avoid alcohol (sorry!!!)
    Read Our Expert Advice on The Effects Of Dehydration and How To Avoid It!
  6. Lose your car at Disney?
    Grab a shot on your phone and share with your party!
    Just about every family, newcomers and old timers have done this, and it is so frustrating finding a car after a busy day at the parks.
    Thousands of rental cars just seem to merge into one!
    Always have a photograph on your cell phone of the rear of the car to show the security team the colour, make, model and license plate.
  7. Don’t Over Spend – It could ruin the rest of the year!
    Staying on budget needs a lot of discipline in Orlando.
    Keep an emergency card as back up, just in case things do run away unexpectedly, or if a card gets blocked by the banks etc.
    Daily spending limits are a great idea.
    Although cash can be inconvenient, it’s easy to place into daily envelopes for meals, shopping and gifts.  Seems crazy, but it really works!
  8. Don’t get lost!
    Use Google Maps on your cell phone for Navigation.
    It works really well, it’s free and stops you being in the wrong place!
  9. Don’t get caught out with huge data and cell phone costs!
    Check your family’s mobile phone data plans and international plans before you travel.
    Ensure you have the best possible plan for your destination and usage expectations.
    Most parks have WiFi now, so load up your phones with Apps like WhatsApp etc,
  10. Don’t delay if someone needs medical help!
    Ask your accommodation provider for the best local medical centres.
    Keep the number in your phone just in case you have any minor problems.
    Ear aches, sprained ankles and upset stomaches aren’t on your ‘wish list’, but remember that what can happen at home, can happen on vacation!
  11. Pool Safety!
    Even the most careful of families can forget the risk of pool incidents.
    Cautious toddlers can become brave toddlers at the blink of an eye as they see everyone else having fun in the pool.
    Always be alert, and make sure at least one adult is sober, awake and alert when your family is having pool side fun!
    Read Our Excellent Pool Safety Tips Article
  12. Insect Bites!
    Keep your family bite free on vacation!
    Read our ‘Avoid Mosquito Bites Article!

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  • Don’t forget your umbrella. (Penny Bailey)
  • Don’t forget to plan your itinerary. (Penny Bailey)
  • Don’t forget how big these theme parks are…Take chill out days by the pool or you will be exhausted by the end of you holiday…(Terri Minns)
  • Get into walking training month before then you don’t get sore feet (Nicki Hodges)
  • Take frozen water bottles to use as ice packs to cool down then once defrosted use for an ice cold drink (Vicki Jones)
  • Plan your visit, not advisable to just turn up and wing it. To get the best out of Orlando you need to have an itinerary! (Amanda Thornton)