There’s often so much more to life than we initially see, and Walt Disney World is a great example of that, so we decided to get our researchers to come up with their favorite secrets from within the 43 square miles of magical land.
Some of the locations are just too backstage to know about, others are forgotten relics of a bygone era, others are there right in front of us, but they are nice to locate on the map.

Most importantly, everything here has been part of the magic at one time or another.
We hope that you enjoy our top 10 unknown locations of Walt Disney World and that it inspires you to think of more.
One word of caution though, please, please don’t let your curiosity lead you into these back stage areas.  It’s not cool, it could be dangerous, and you will almost certainly be banned from WDW forever.  (That’s long long time to wait!)

The Magic Kingdom Pyro Storage Facility (Fireworks)

Each night, 683 pyro devices burst into the skies to create what is undoubtedly the most famous firework spectacles across the globe.  Scheduled nightly, subject to weather, it’s one of the ‘must do’ events for most Disney World visitors.  The Pyro store is safely tucked away from the public and the steel containers are spread out at measured distances prescribed by Federal laws.  A peaceful part of the Kingdom, just west of the most Magical Place On Earth!

The Monorail Maintenance & Storage Buildings at the Magic Kingdom

Everyone loves the WDW monorail and it’s 14.7 miles of magical tracks.
With 12 monorail trains in total, that’s a lot of transportation technology to keep on the rails, and spare a thought for the skillful engineers that keep this 1989 version of the wonderful icons running so well at Walt Disney World.
The monorail shed (above) is where all of the magic happens in between service runs!

The Bay Lake Watercraft Maintenance Marina

Much like the monorail barn, the watercraft maintenance marina is located just backstage from the Magic Kingdom.  Here, the dozens of watercraft that serve guest transportation, night time shows and more, are all taken care of by the unsung heroes of WDW.

The Mickey Power Pole on the I-4 Near Exit 62 onto World Drive

The Progressive Energy power pole is perhaps one of the most visible reminders that motorists on the I-4 are actually in the heart of Tourism!
Only Disney could make something as ordinary as this look awesome!

Golden Oaks: The Exclusive Luxury Disney Gated Community of $3m+ Homes!!

Golden Oaks is without doubt the most adventurous gated community in Central Florida.
If you are rich and want to be as close to the mouse as possible, you can live here!
It’s not a vacation rental community either.  There’s no short term rental at Golden Oaks.
Maybe if the Lotto comes our way!!

Disney’s Immense State of the Art Recycling Plant at Walt Disney World

With over 20 million guests visiting the Magic Kingdom each year, let alone another 11 million or so in each of Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, you can plan for a lot of waste!  Thankfully Disney World has invested a vast amount of time, money and effort into developing this state of the art recycling plant to the west of Epcot.

Walt Disney World’s Airport!  Yes that’s Correct!

From 1971 through to the 1980s, the airport known as Walt Disney World Airport, also known as Lake Buena Vista Airport and Lake Buena Vista STOLport, served Walt Disney VIPs and senior staff well, mainly transferring people to Tampa and what would ultimately become Orlando International Airport using de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter aircraft.  Nicer than a taxi or bus from the airport!!

Shades Of Green Resort (US Forces Resort)

Shades of Green is a special story of its own.  Although on WDW property, it was initially funded and developed from the pockets of US Service men and women for their colleagues to enjoy.  Today that story continues and provides much needed respite for families to spend time much needed family time together.

Disney’s Forgotten Waterpark (River Country on Bay Lake)

Once known as the first WDW water park, River Country closed down many years ago, but the eery remnants of this once lively water park, in the natural waters of Bay Lake are much talked about amongst the nostalgic visitors of the 80s and 90s.
Read more here

Discovery Island (The Original Version in Bay Lake)

From April 8th 1974 through to April 8th 1999 Discovery Island (aka Treasure Island), was a popular animal attraction on WDW’s Bay Lake.   The zoological park no doubt spurred the Disney Imagineers to draw up plans for a much bigger and bolder Animal project!

Mickey’s Retreat – Cast Members’ own Private Day Resort

Making the magic is a full time job and many of Disney’s Cast Members have travelled hundreds of miles for the opportunity to gain experience working at Walt Disney World.  Family time is scarce and Little Lake Bryan is the home to Mickey’s Retreat, a day resort not far away from Disney Springs and International Drive.

The Outdoor Loop at Epcot’s Test Track

If you have ever managed to look to your left as you hurtle through the outdoor loop on Test Track, you may have possibly seen a collection of Chevrolet cars circled around the TT logo.  If not, you now know what to do next visit!

The Tower Of Terror Landmark on the World Drive Highway

Although not a secret, the replica Tower of Terror structure is unmissable along World Drive, but we thought it deserved a mention in our Google Maps list!

We hope you enjoyed our Top 10 list of little known and secret locations and we hope that you will take a look at more of our blog posts!